Series D recreates the Imperial Splendour of the Forbidden City, starting with the Qing Dynasty.


Dragon robes


From about the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese court wore a magnificent series of imperial robes decorated mainly with dragon motifs and these are known as Dragon robes. Various codification and imperial edits decreed specific rules for wearing these robes.  In this series, the depiction of Imperial Court Life in the Forbidden City will be explored, first with the Qing Dynasty. Other sets will be issued to represent other aspects of court life.


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Emperor Kangxi 1661 1722                     Emperor Yongzheng 1722-1735               Emperor Qianlong 1735 – 1795


SET D1a Qing Dynasty Emperor


This set depicts a Qing Dynasty Emperor wearing a chao fu dragon robe seated on a Dragon Throne. The throne itself is made from 8 separate castings! The Emperor is depicted in summer court dress with narrow court sleeves, with a pi ling, rosary, a court belt and silk scarves and a pig-tail(!) all separately added. Other versions with winter headdress and different robes (chi fu) are available.


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Emperor in Summer Court Dress (Chao Fu)


Description: Description: Dragon Throne

Dragon Throne




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