Vietnam was a vassal state of China from 111 B.C. until the 15th century. Between 1627 and 1775, two powerful families had partitioned the country: the Nguyễn Lords ruled the South and the Trịnh Lords ruled the North. The Trịnh-Nguyễn War gave European traders the opportunities to support each side with weapons and technology: the Portuguese assisted the Nguyễn in the South while the Dutch helped the Trịnh in the North. Eventually, the Nguyen Dynasty dominated and was established in 1802. However, France gradually increased its influence early in the 19th century and conquered the three regions into which the country was then divided:- Cochin-China in the south, Annam in the central region, and Tonkin in the north.


Description: Description: [Long Tinh flag [Vietnam] 1802 - 1878]                                                   Description: Description: [Dai Nam flag [Vietnam] 1878 - 1890]                                       Description: Description: [Vietnam [Annam] 1890-1920]

1802 - 1878, Emperor's flag to 1863                1878 - 1890 Annam (approx. design)                                     1890 - 1920  Annam


Series C recreates the imperial court life of the Vietnamese Emperor. The period selected is from the period of the Nguyen Dynasty for which there is intriguing photographic documentation showing the various Emperors and their entourage dressed in Chinese Ming style red or yellow dragon robes as well as other blue ethnic costumes and wearing a variety of different headdresses.


Set C1 offers an Nguyen Dynasty Emperor (here based on Emperor Bao Dai) perched on a Dragon Throne. Other sets will be issued to represent other aspects of court life.



Description: Description: Bao Dai 1                      Description: Description: Bao Dai 2

Emperor Bao Dai Nguyen


SET C1a Nguyen Dynasty Emperor


This set depicts a Nguyen Dynasty Emperor wearing a red dragon robe seated on a Dragon Throne. The throne itself  is made from 8 separate castings! The Emperor is depicted with broad sleeves and wearing a Chinese style black gold headdress. Other versions with various headdress and different robes are available.



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