Bali is the setting for our first few sets.  It has a unique religious culture which is a blend of Hinduism and mysticism and includes numerous dance and drama performances, many of which are accompanied by a gamelan orchestra consisting of percussion and flute instruments.





A visual record of ancient dances and costumes was captured in the sculptural effigies of Balinese architecture. The quality of the costumes would vary from village to village, depending upon the degree of patronage and wealth of the respective communities.


The Bali series offers various sets of gamelan orchestras, dancers and performers depicting the various dance and drama performances. Each set comes with an introductory guide booklet. The focus is on the rich and colourful costumes of the participants, playing archaic instruments. Various cloth (sarong) patterns are constantly being developed for the miniatures.


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SET A1 Balinese Legong and Kebyar Dancers

SET A2 Balinese Baris Dancers

SET A3 Balinese Gamelan Orchestras

SET A4 Puppeteer Sets